Time Will Tell

The 7th July 2005 is a day I’ll never forget. It was a truly horrific time for anyone who lived in London and it deeply effected the whole country.

If you don’t know, 7/7 was a series of coordinated bomb attacks across the capital of the UK. When it was over, the first thing I did was call my family. Mercifully, mine were all OK. Many others were not so fortunate.

As the transport system appeared to be the main focus of these attacks, travel around London effectively ground to a halt. Understandably, everybody wanted to leave. I still have this weird memory of everybody walking in the same direction through the city streets and parks.

I don’t tend to write about things when I’m going through them. I normally need time to process what’s happened and get some perspective. In many ways making music is the final part of that therapeutic, healing process.

The resulting track from this event is called Time Will Tell, and it’s surprisingly uplifting. It’s also a track that deliberately fuses together many different musical genres and cultures. At the time I really needed to explore how musical fusion might actually make a track more unique and more interesting.

Whether we’ll ever learn to accept those differences in each other, only time will tell.