My name is Charlie North and I’m a music producer. I combine ambient sounds, electronic instruments and chilled global beats to create something similar to the music of Ulrich Schnauss, Bonobo or Vangelis. I call it “ambient world electronica”. However, it could fall into a few different categories.


2018 – Made From Memory
2015 – Third From The Sun
2008 – The Spaces In Between
2005 – Find Your Own Space

2021 – Sakura EP
2021 – Escape The City EP
2020 – You Are Here EP
2019 – The Long Road Home EP
2019 – Tidal EP
2018 – Burning Bridges EP
2017 – Starlight EP
2017 – Things To Do At Sunset EP
2016 – Lost And Found EP
2015 – Big Blue Sky EP
2008 – Things To Do At Sunrise EP

2021 – Turbulence (Chill House Remix)
2021 – Look Away
2021 – Breathe

Personal Info

I’m an independent recording artist and I release music under my own name. I also license tracks to renowned chill out labels such as Sine Music, Karma Loft and M-Sol Records. I currently live in England. You can often find me recording my podcast, in the studio or exploring the local countryside. I also love science fiction, books about Zen and podcasts about technology. My music is available everywhere including Bandcamp, Apple, Spotify and many more.

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