My new EP called 'Starlight' is available now. It features three tracks of ambient electronica and chilled beats. You can download it from all major online stores and streaming services. Popular Links: Charlie North Online Shop Spotify iTunes/Apple Music

Everywhere Music

Mobile music production. This is about as small and compact as it gets! My iPad mini mostly running Korg Gadget and a pair of Sony headphones. The iPad case is made by Otterbox and I'd highly recommend it (stickers courtesy of my daughter).

Volca Sample

Finally managed to get my Korg Volca Sample to play nicely with the laptop. Had some major problems moving data around, but it's all sorted now. Big shout out to Single Cell Software for their excellent 'Caustic' editor. Thank you.

Child’s Play

I found this lurking in the back of my studio. This is a Casio VL Tone. Arguably more of a musical toy than an instrument. It was the first musical device I was given as a child, and it’s seen plenty of action over the years. Amazingly it still works, which is very impressive considering … Continue reading Child’s Play

Autumn Time (Vol. 3)

I’m very pleased to announce that my brand new track ‘Lost & Found’ will be featured on the forthcoming compilation album ‘Autumn Time’ Volume 3. It will be released by Sine Music on October 23rd, and will be available from all major digital download and streaming services.

Lost & Found

My new EP, available now. Featuring three tracks of ambient electronica and chilled beats. Available to download from all major download stores and online streaming services.